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(5/5, Hayden's Angel)

"Helping others, helps me.” While I’ve told you what Nicole has done for Hayden and a few others. There’s much more to the story. Nicole has made an everlasting impact on her local community, but it spreads across the country as well. Nicole has… (At the age of 17) . Played a key role in raising over $2 Million for the Sky Lakes Cancer Treatment Center. . Organized multiple community fundraisers for cancer patients. . Has developed a website that focuses on awareness of cancer prevention such as early detection screening. . Has raised nearly $40,000 for various cancer patients. . She’s part of groups such as Teens Against Cancer, and Stand Up 2 Cancer. . Inspired many to help others. “I wish everyday I could have my aunt and others who’ve changed my life back. But I can’t. Cancer is a terrible thing, but it’s taught me so much. It’s taught me compassion, love. It’s given me strength and a will to help others. It’s made me who I am today." "And now, maybe because of cancer, and how well I understand it, I can continue to help those who have it. I can continue to make an impact. Because of cancer, maybe I can change the world."

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