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Life of Joann, (36/38)

“During her battle with cancer, I helped take care of her a lot of the time. It felt great to comfort her and do whatever I can to ease her pain. That’s when I discovered what I want to do with my life.” “She would endlessly compliment me on the care I gave her. She saw something in me during this whole battle. My desire and ability to help people. I mean, I love helping people. Seeing my mom go through such terrible pain gave me a burning desire to stop it. That’s when I decided to go into the medical field and one day, I’ll be in a position to maybe save someone else’s mother.” “Through her battle with cancer, she showed me the definition of bravery. I’ll never be able to unsee the pain she endured, but I’ll also never forget the courage and strength she displayed during that time. She taught me to pursue my dreams, she taught me to love endlessly, she taught me that I can make an impact on others, and most importantly, she taught me to never give up.” “And for that mom, I thank you.”

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