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Life of Joann, (31/Many)

“There are many ways to describe my mom. Smart, loving, classy, gracious, beautiful, caring, creative. But another word that really resonates for me is genuine. My mom was, and is, the most genuine person I have ever met, and had more integrity than anyone I know on top of it." “When she got done receiving her chemotherapy in the cancer center, she would stick around and strike up conversations with other patients that were receiving the chemotherapy. Most of them didn’t even know she had cancer too. She did that just to make sure they didn’t feel alone." “At work, she became close friends with many of her customers, simply because she showed them that they mattered more to her than their business. She didn't judge people. She kept special treats for pets, and saved specific candy, coloring, and presents for different kids. She gave cards and gifts to her customers for various occasions, and she made house calls to the sick and elderly when they couldn't come to the bank to sign papers." "She wasn't just putting on a nice face, she wasn’t just nice, she genuinely cared about people.”

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