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Life of Joann, (29/Many)

"Her dying was the last thing I would have expected. She did so well at looking like everything was fine. So when she was actually lying in the hospital bed, I was in denial." “One of the best memories I have with my mom was during one of our warm, summer trips to Medford. Her, Chelsea and I went to Olive Garden to eat lunch, but shortly after we were seated the power went out due to a thunderstorm. All the waiters were going around apologizing to everyone saying that the food might take a while now. Most of the people were upset and left immediately. But we all thought it would be fun to stay. From our window booth we could see all the lightning outside, and even though the clouds made it dark, it was sort of cozy and very cool to watch together." “We were the only ones there. It was actually a lot of fun. We chatted and interacted with the staff, they brought out candles for us and all the salad and bread we could eat. We eventually got our meal and including dessert, the whole meal was free. When we were all done the manager came out and thanked us for staying and being so kind to the staff." “That was one of the best days ever. Not because of the free food, but because it was so much fun to just be together and enjoy the moment with these strangers. That day, our mom taught us to be gracious. Without even saying anything, she taught me to be patient, and respectful no matter the situation.” “She showed me how to appreciate the small things in life, and to find adventure in unexpected places. Her life taught me that kindness goes a long way.” “Every day I spent with her was a reminder of those lessons."

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