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Life of Joann, (19/Many)

“She would sleep all day at times due to the chemo and massive pain killers. One night, I woke her up around nine to have her eat something. She got up and went to the bathroom. I hear her scream for my name. I rush to the bathroom and the floor is covered in blood.” “She’s admitted to the hospital. The cancer tore up the inside of her body. She’s lost so much blood they have to transfer nearly twelve units of Plasma every four to five hours. It was obvious the end was near.” “Many friends and family came to see her. We would all stay as close to her for as long as we could. I would be right by her hospital bed, holding her hand. She was in so much pain for days in a row. The doctors would give her as much morphine as they could.” “But it wouldn't help her. Any more pain medication and she would stop breathing. The doctors told me she had no chance of survival and that I have a choice to make.” “Stop the transfusions and let her pass and end the pain. Or try to keep her alive as long we can.”

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