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Life of Joann, (4/Many)

“People would call us the perfect couple. We were inseparable. It was picture perfect. The most time we ever spent away from each other would only be a few days. We did everything together. I could never imagine what life would be like without her. It never crossed my mind, until it became a reality.” “In my early 20’s, I bought a house. Nothing special, but it was perfect for my first buy. On one of our dates, we decided to have spaghetti at my place. Being I had no money at the time it was the perfect idea. We sat in my garage where I was restoring an old car, we ate our spaghetti, talked a bunch. We clicked so well. More dates came, and so she started to stay at the house pretty often.” “Also at this time, I had a dog named Brandy. It was a sweet dog and Joann loved her. Some would say she was just coming over so much to see the dog. But it was obvious to me. It wasn't just the dog she fell in love with.”

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