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Life of Joann, (15/Many)

“We walked out of the hospital. She fell to her knees in the parking lot and started to cry. She screamed to me, ‘I want to see my girls grow up! I want to see them get married! I want to meet my grandkids!’ That’s when I started to cry.” “I was furious at the doctor. Only now did he show some concern. Only now did he take an interest. He told us how he doesn't know how it got this far.They just found that the back pain was from a tumor; and that the cancer has spread to her liver, lungs, and possibly her brain.” “He said that she just drew a bad card. I was more than just lost. This had to just be a bad dream. I couldn't fathom the thought this could be real.” “The hardest part was not telling the girls. It was only a couple weeks before Christmas. We didn't want to ruin it with news like this.”

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