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Life of Joann, (14/Many)

“We were already stressed out at the time. We were forced out of our home because of the asbestos that was discovered. I was trying to build a new home, help Joann, and raise two girls at the same time. So when Joann told me how nothing was helping her pain. I feared the worst.” “She became more concerned as each day went on. She demanded more tests from her doctor. But he kept putting her off for a hunting trip and said he would deal with it when he got back. She hated his lack of concern. We all did. This is one of the most precious lives in the world you’re risking.” “They finally gave in and she received more tests. We could both feel it. It’s right in front of us and here it comes.” “When the doctor called and asked both of us to come in for a meeting tomorrow regarding the tests, our heart sank. I thought to myself, tomorrow will be one of the worst days of my life.”

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