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Life of Joann, (3/Many)

“She was the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I would get this feeling whenever I heard her voice, or saw her walk into the room. She would make anyone turn their heads and look. Her external beauty was incredible. But it was her internal beauty, her soul, that I fell in love with.” “Back in my early 20’s, when I first met her. She was dating someone else. I’d always hear of the difficulties she was having with the relationship. So I decided to call her up one night to ask how she was. Not remembering who I was, I felt I had no chance.” “But who I was didn't matter. She just needed someone to talk with. And that night we were on the phone for about forty five minutes. The phone conversations continued, her other relationship ended, one thing led to another, and I finally got a date with her.” “I couldn't believe it. Her? The most electric, beautiful women in the world agreed to go on a date with me! I kept telling myself, this is your shot, don't blow it.”

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