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Hayden, (16/16)

“Maybe I’ll live, or maybe I’ll die. But either way, it was God’s plan for my life. Cancer is part of me. It always will be. It’s made me into who I am. And that’s okay.” “I realize I care a lot of what my family thinks of me. Not because I want to impress them, or other insecurities, but because of my fear of death, I want to leave them with a certain image of me. If this cancer takes my life, I’m not worried about myself. I’m worried of the hole I’ll be leaving. I’m worried of how my family will move on.” “But the truth is, we’re all dying. In one way or another, our time on earth is limited. Because I’ve been so close to death, I’ve realized what’s truly important in life. I’ve learned that there’s more to just existing. I’ve learned there’s more to life than just existing. So, I’ve decided to live life like it is. I’ve decided to live like I’m dying.” "Now I... Invest more deeply in others. Build stronger relationships. Surround myself with family and friends. Accept who I am, and where I’m at. Love more often. Find joy and meaning in even little things. Thank God each day." “Without cancer, I may not have ever learned the importance of doing those things. I may not of ever seen the true light of just being able to wake up each day. It’s taught me the greatest gifts in life. It’s enabled me to help others.” “And because of that, I’m thankful.”

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