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Hayden, (15/16)

"I’m not done with this cancer yet, or the effects of it. The facial surgery I received to remove the cancer didn’t just leave these scars. I also received some nerve damage. And now every week I have to go through this electroshock therapy just to try to be able to smile again.” I was fortunate to be able to witness this ‘therapy.’ And I knew Hayden wanted me there to document. To show others that a battle with cancer will never fully end. Ironically, the man in the orange, the physical therapist, is Hayden’s uncle. I could tell they were close. I could also tell this procedure was painful. Hayden would clench her fists, and grind her teeth. It was obvious this was more than just discomfort. That was expected though. But what I didn’t expect, was how these two interacted. Joke after joke, and a whole bunch of laughing, I thought that maybe they both forgot what was going on.

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