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(4/5, Hayden's Angel)

“I would walk into the hospital, and ask the nurses if there was someone struggling to financially cover their cancer treatments. That’s when I met, Alia, a 5 year old girl with Leukemia. I immediately felt for this girl. I had to help.” "I worked with her father to organize an event fundraiser. In the past, I’ve organized walk-a-thons to gather the community in effort to inspire them to help someone struggling. So for Alia, I organized a zumbathon. It was probably the most fun event so far. Alia acted like she didn’t even have cancer. All you saw was a energetic 5 year old dancing around." "Hayden was a unique case. It didn’t make any sense why she has the cancer she has. And her being so well know in our community and a good friend of mine, made her battle felt like everyone’s battle." "I gathered my thoughts and came up with a plan to enable the community to help Hayden. I started with placing donation boxes at local restaurants. People could throw their change in there or donate a couple dollars. It wasn’t much, but it was a good start. It grew from there. I then organized a walk-a-thon for Hayden’s family. It was the most popular one. So many people joined. By the end of the day, we raised over $15,000.” "Helping others financially can lift so much stress of their shoulders when they’re already fighting an incredible battle. But helping others, does more for me.”

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