(3/5, Hayden's Angel)

(3/5, Hayden’s Angel) “As impossible as it seems, I believe that with an education and a will to never give up, we’ll find a cure. But all that matters, is we never gave up.” -Joann Burns Joann, Nicole’s aunt, died of Colon Cancer on July 23, 2011. From the words of many in the community who knew Joann, I had the feeling she was one of the world’s most resilient, selfless individuals. Meeting with Nicole and her family multiple times, I learned of all the wonderful, life changing work the’ve done as inspired by Joann. “When my aunt was suffering I remembered the items she used the most to help comfort her. The first thing I did in effort to help those with cancer was create a ‘Joann Cares’ basket. The basket contains items that soothe patients during their treatments. It includes a blanket, socks, heating and cooling pads, lotion and an inspirational book, When God Met Cancer.” “So far, I’ve given over 20 care baskets.” The baskets being just the beginning of Nicole changing the world, her efforts and effect on others soon grew very quickly.

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