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(2/5, Hayden's Angel)

(2/5, Hayden’s Angel) “My parents got divorced when I was pretty young. My mom, brother and I moved into a small trailer with my aunt and uncle. Because of that, from a very young age I’ve been so close to my aunt.” “My brother and I split our time between mom and dad. At my dad’s I played princess while my brother played fireman. We rode horses and played in the dirt. At my mom’s we could spend time with friends. I could be with my cousins and aunt.” “But at the age of 12, I had to chose who to live with. I chose to live with mom. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I loved them both so much." “Looking at it now, I don’t really remember any of the bad parts. I just remember being surrounded by a loving family. I remember a mom, a dad. I remember an aunt that kept this family from falling apart. I remember an aunt that guided me when I was lost. I remember an aunt that fought for her life, and never gave up.” “I remember her life’s motto. It’s what I’ll live the rest of my life by.”

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