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(1/5, Hayden's Angel)

“I watched my aunt die. She kept our family together, my best friend, was killed by this terrible disease.” "Cancer knows no boundaries of the lives it can take. It will kill a mother, father, daughter, son, husband, wife, a best friend. This evil disease has made a profound effect on my life, and for that, I’ll do everything I possibly can to fight back.” Throughout Hayden's journey, she has been fortunate to have many 'angels' stand by her. From doctors to nurses, and locals in the community, she's been very thankful to have such wonderful people surround her. I managed to meet one of them... This is 17 year old Nicole McNerney. She’s managed to raise over $35,000 for various cancer patients, including Hayden. When I first heard about Nicole, it was during conversations with Hayden's family. Her dad referred to her as "Hayden's angel". I quickly learned that Nicole was a big part of Hayden's story and I wanted to discover who she really was.

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