Hayden, (12/Many)

(12/Many) “Sometimes, the worrying thought of being unable to get Hayden her needed treatments haunted us. We’re going to have to sell the house. We’re not going to have a home. We’re not going to survive this.”

"But none of that ever happened. And we give endless thanks and love to the community and God that saved our family, and our home.”

As said before, it was difficult to judge her father’s emotions during the conversation.  “I specifically remember one event that demonstrated the outpouring love and care this community has for our family... I was volunteering for an event, parking vehicles. A man walked up to me. It was an old student of mine. He knew I was Hayden’s father...”

He paused, looking down at his hands. He broke down, but continued on...

“Right there, he handed me a check for $1,000. I couldn’t believe it.”

“The community has been more than a blessing. The’ve been life saving. They’ve saved our home, and they’ve helped keep this family together.”

"But there’s one specific person we think of who’s made a profound effect on this family and helping with Hayden’s treatment."

“Who’s that?” I ask. “She’s Hayden’s angel!”

“Hayden’s angel?”

“Well, she’s not just Hayden’s angel. She’s a savior to many others like us.”

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