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Hayden, (11/Many)

(11/Many) "I worried of Hayden’s attitude. I worried she would become overwhelmed by this. I worried she would be filled with negative thoughts. But there was something about her. The first week of having her home after the surgery, she was the most positive I’ve ever seen her. I remember thinking, this isn’t my daughter. Her attitude blew me away. Her attitude has saved herself. Her attitude has saved this family.”  “I don’t fear much. Not with God and my wife by my side. But at times I would worry. There was a time I worried we couldn’t give Hayden the treatment she needed. Or that we could barely afford it and our family would have to live in a trailer.”

Keeping a straight face and consistent tone, it was difficult to judge the emotion.

“Who’s the one person you lean on?” Without delay...

“God and my wife. They’ve saved me from many things. They’ve made me into who I am today.”

Looking at his wife...

“Especially at a time like this, I needed guidance, motivation, love. And there she was.”

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