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Hayden, (9/Many)

(9/Many) “Things will never go back to the way they were. Now, the thought of death lives in our home. It’s looks at us every day, and we look at it. And that’s a good thing. Because now, we don’t fear it.”

Hayden’s Father...

“Her mother and I rush down to the camp to be with her. She has a surgery for the cancer the next day. The surgeon said it would be four hours. Ten hours later, we were worried sick. We visited some friends, prayed a bunch and just paced around a room to keep us occupied. It’s all we could do.”

“The surgery took a total of eleven hours. It had a huge toll on Hayden. All she could do was lye in bed at camp for a whole month. We stood by her side, holding her hand every step of the way. It was torture to see our own child go through this. But while it hurt, we had trust. We had hope. We trusted God in the way he worked, knowing he would do what is best for her and this world.”

Looking tired, he continues...

"Before, we had so many plans for Hayden. We saw her getting married, having kids, having family reunions, and being able to play with our grandkids. But, this battle reminds us that decision doesn’t belong to us. It doesn’t belong to anyone but God.”

"And that’s okay. It’s taught us there’s a reality to living a short life. There’s a reality that everything we have can be taken from us. There’s a reality in losing someone we love."

"This battle isn’t about wishing things were different, or begging she’ll be okay. It’s about having acceptance of what can happen, and having enough trust in God to get us through to the next day.”

Her father made solid eye contact...

"With that acceptance, and with that trust, our family fears nothing. Not even the unknown.”

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