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Hayden, (8/Many)

(8/Many) “I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say, or what to think. The words just kept playing in my head. ‘Not my girl. Not my child.'"

Hayden’s mother’s perspective…

“Hayden has always had the most caring heart in the world. Especially for kids. So she and her sister became camp counselors for the Salvation Army. When she was down there she planned on seeing a doctor to remove the cyst.”

Her mom stayed firm with her voice.

“I got a call from the doctor who removed the cyst and had it tested to determine what it really was. I wasn’t expecting the results so quickly. The timing was a miracle. The staff sent the cyst to a pathologist the same day of the surgery, right after, the pathologist sent it to the Stanford School of Medicine. The next day they gave us the results and that same day they got Hayden to see an Oncologist."

"It’s unheard of to be able to move that quickly with this stuff. I praise the staff and the Lord for how much care they’ve given my daughter.”

“I remember the doctor’s words easily. They were straight forward and quick to the point. They said that it’s serious. They said that we have to get this stuff out of her ASAP. There’s not much time.”

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