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Hayden, (6/Many)

(6/Many) “I had to stay strong for my sister. She’s standing right by me. I wanted to show her I’ll be ok, that I’m strong. But I just couldn’t do it…”

“I was going to my summer camp. During that time I saw the surgeon to get the cyst removed. I didn’t think much of it. I meet the doctor and she seems a bit cold to me. I worry she doesn’t like me."

Laughing about the situation. She gave the feeling that worrying the doctor didn’t like her was foolish.

“I go into what should have been only a couple minute surgery. I passed out three times due to the pain. I wake up almost two hours later. This doctor was the most experienced around. I knew something wasn’t right. And so did she.”

“She tells me she doesn’t know what it is and that she’s sending it to pathology to get it tested. I thought to myself, could it be cancer? I use to not be an optimistic person. I would think of the worse case scenarios."

“I call my mom. I tell her I think it’s cancer and I’m worried. She puts my mind at ease though telling me it’s an unrealistic thought."

“Shortly after, I get a call from the doctor. The test results came back. Even the pathologists couldn’t tell me what it was."

"No one knew, and that’s the worst feeling."

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