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Hayden, (5/Many)

(5/Many) “At first I thought it was nothing. Just a cyst. One of the doctors even said it was nothing. Had a friend not told me something else, I’d probably be dead by now.”

Wanting to get to know Hayden prior to her battle with cancer, I learned of her personal struggles beforehand.

“I had a large struggle with vanity. I was obsessed with myself, my looks, and how others saw me. I felt I always had to seek approval.”

"One day, I noticed a cyst on the left side of my face. Thinking it was just that, a cyst, it was still infuriating to me. I worried of my image; what others thought.”

“I has home from college for just two days. My obsession with my looks and that one cyst persuaded me to see a doctor. The doctor said it was just a cyst and I have nothing to worry about. He said getting it removed might just cause more damage. So I kept it that way.”

“The next day while in church, a family friend, who’s also a doctor told me of a plastic surgeon who could get it removed without destroying the rest of my face.”

She smiled and laughed at what I guessed were her worries of her appearance.

“So I followed his advice and saw this doctor in California. She worked very close to a summer camp that I was going to attend.”

“My vanities were some of the biggest struggles I had back then. It made me do whatever I had to in order get rid of any imperfections, like the cyst.”

“Ironically, it may have just saved my life. Seeing the surgeon to get the cyst removed, led to finding out it wasn’t a cyst in the first place; but something worse.”

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