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(3/Many) Hayden

(3/Many) “I was shocked and shook up. While most people are truly amazing, some will fail you. And because of him, I knew I couldn’t rely on everyone. It made me realize there are only a few things in life you can completely trust and put faith in."

Making solid eye contact and a consistent tone in her voice, I find myself unable to look away.

“I met this guy. We became more than friends. I thought I was in love, sure. But I probably didn’t know what love really was at that age. We come back to the states and sure enough, he cheated on me. I felt used, betrayed, and all the feelings that would come with that.”

The store was quiet. Everyone else seemed to just be staring into blank space.

“It brought me back to my roots. I thought of what love really was and realized that I’ve always been loved. Not by him. But by something greater. Something I had put on the shelf.”

As she looks down at her hands, she says…

“Little did I know at that time that I would need what was on that shelf. Little did I know that the thing I put aside, the love I looked away from, would end up saving my life, and saving me from myself.”

“Who’s love is that?” I ask.

She smiles…again.

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