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Hilary (5/5)

(5/5) Don't forgive someone for their sake. Forgive someone to help give yourself peace.

The last part to Hilary's story will show how she lives with this quote, as we revisit the story with her father. Forgiving is one of the most difficult things to do. But it shows such a large amount of acceptance and maturity. She's pure greatness.

"I still see my dad every now and then. We actually have quite a bit in common. I've learned to forgive in my life. There's more important things in life than anger. It's brought me to peace with it."

Her tone confirmed her acceptance for her the situation

"My dad was a former pilot. Flew airplanes all over. I thought that was really cool. It takes a lot of discipline and perseverance to do such a thing. I wanted to try that. So a while back I received my license to fly. I loved it. In fact, when I was in the military, I was in helicopters all the time. It was so appealing to me how many lives helicopters could save. I wanted to make it my life and career."

"My dad and I talk about flying all the time. It's great to be able to have something positive in common that we both love talking about."

Hilary spent 4 years in the Army. Helping others and changing the world was in her blood.

"So, to fulfill this love for flying, and helping others, I'm continuing my passion for flying through the military. But not on the ground, I'm going through training to fly Blackhawks, and then deploying to Afghanistan right after."

Pure awesomeness.

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