Hilary (4/5)

(4/5) Hilary shows her resilience in more than one way. The challenges she's experienced in the past will help her with the adversities she'll face later, and the ones she's facing now.

She's full of surprises. Once we got past the topic of her father, we broke into more of what she's doing with her life right now. It's quite impressive. But I didn't see another challenge coming.

When I first met her and introduced myself, she said she was in the area visiting friends.

"I'm actually not just here to visit friends." A couple seconds of silence filled the airport. "That's my excuse when people ask why I'm here. But I'm actually here for just one person. Someone I worked with. (Hilary spent 4 years active duty in the Army). He recently got back from a deployment. He wasn't doing very well. I came here to support him."

Hilary has helped support her mom along with countless other individuals. The energy she has inside and out, is used to help everyone else.

"I can't really tell why he's going through a hard time, but you can guess. Spending time in such a remote, dangerous location changes you. I didn't have any specific ideas on how to help him. I just remember what I did for my mom, and what she did for me. So I just stayed with him for a bit, filled the room with my presence, and gave him someone to talk to. For people that need help, all they need is for someone to be there."

It was obvious she's been emotionally tired from being there for so many people.

"I need to take care of myself though. I've drained myself from helping others so much, I never have time for myself. There's this saying I'll always remember. And it fits me perfectly."

"A candle that burns so bright for others, will eventually burn itself out."

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