Hilary (3/5)

(3/5) Unfortunately, the actions of others can persuade some to think that love may not be real, or that good things and people don't exist. However, the actions and words of people like Hilary's mother will have a greater effect on convincing the opposite.

Have negative people in your life? Look at the positive ones. Have evil all around you? Look for the good. Not sure how to get through that evil? Look at Hilary.

"I was 13 when this all happened. Already at a tough age, I felt the world collapsing. I remember the fighting, the screaming, the yelling, the crying, the wishing this wasn't real. When you place your life and soul into another person's life, and they take advantage of that you wonder if good people truly exist. I was purely convinced that love didn't exist."

"I thought he was superman. I looked up to him for everything. Then finding this altered ego killed any good thought I had for him."

It put a bad taste in her life, but it was nothing her and her mom couldn't get through.

"But that's where my mother came in. She saved the world. Our world. Emotionally devastated and defeated, she picked herself and me back up. We became best friends. It brought us closer together. That's when I discovered true love did exist."

"To get myself past his evil, I just stared at the good in my mom."

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