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Hilary (2/5)

(2/5) I've done many features on mothers. Many moms show that eccentric character that Something Great is made of. However, here's a different look at an amazing mother; from the daughters view.

Hilary was incredibly easy to talk with. More so than most people. I felt like I already knew her. There wasn't much small talk. We just dove into the important stuff.

"My mother is my primary means of motivation. I feel like everything I do, and will do is ultimately for her, or is a result of what she's done for me." I'm always curious as to what about mothers give people so much motivation.

Is it that mothers choose to give their whole life to someone else? Or that they have that unconditional love? Most of the time, those are the answers I receive. But when the story changes from 'typical' to 'Something Great', a challenge is thrown in. Not just any challenge, but the people of Something Great are thrown unique adversities that challenge their emotional resilience and personal beliefs.

"She's incredibly strong. She's been through some of the worst. I remember the event really well. I was in my teens." Her voice was taking an emotional turn. "My father decided to be unfaithful. Went behind the back of his wife and kids for personal gratification."

"I didn't think something like that would happen. They were in mad love. For so long, too. To take something so rare and colorful, and destroy it with such a meaningless thing made no sense. And because of its lack of sense. It hurt even more."

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