Ruby (4/4)

(4/4) Contentment is made up of patience and acceptance. These two characteristics are the foundation for a peaceful life. However, like myself, like Ruby, and many others. Patience and acceptance are some the hardest things create. So once again, how do you do something so difficult, so monumental? Start small.

She obviously knows what she wants to become. And the coolest thing I got from Ruby was her comfort with not being there, yet.

So how did she gain the acceptance of where and who she is now? She started small. She had a realistic goal in mind and that's what'll get her and anyone else to that peaceful view.

"When I broke, I was depressed, sure. But It gave me a feeling of starting over. I could re-create myself. I started with small thoughts that focused on other people and not just myself. I started to do more of just existing, and less attention seeking."

"When I started doing yoga, I felt completely different. I was still the same person and everything, but I decided to make a change, and I started working towards it. That's what made me feel different. I've always wanted to help people, I had to make an impact. And those thoughts are still with me. That will never change."

"However, my idea on how I can help people and how I can make an impact has changed. Becoming a yoga instructor and going to various places sharing serenity gives me that satisfaction of being something meaningful. I'll continue doing small things like this, and all of them put together, will get me to where I want to be."

"I'll always have the desire to do more, and to be more, but I can accept the person I am now. That's where it starts. I'm definitely not where I want to be yet, but I'm on the path. I can see that this is a realistic goal. And maybe some years down the road, I'll accomplish that."

She wanted to make it clear! She has this goal of becoming a different person; a person that isn't just made of peace, acceptance, and love, but one that delivers it in whatever way she can.

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