Ruby (3/4)

(3/4) To some people, being just like everyone else, fitting in, just doesn't cut it. With such a fiery desire to be unique, different from everyone else, and to change the world comes the responsibility of making that happen. It becomes an obsession to create a lifestyle that is like no one else's; one that end's up making the world a better place. Having that obsession can be more than tiring. After all, feeling responsible to do something monumental can be daunting.

Most of the time it seems impossible. So what do you do with such a desire? Start small.

Her voice put the scene at peace. Her posture was very relaxed and the serenity was contagious.

"My mind would always be running. I couldn't stop thinking of how can I change the world, how can I become something great. I wanted to stand out and be unique. I wanted to be the only person like myself. With a mindset like that the thinking never stops."

"It got to the point of being obsessive. I started to seek attention to help me feel unique. I did things I wish I never did, I definitely have regrets." Her voice never broke. She was comfortable telling me, and you, all about it.

"But that's not all bad. That's where I finally broke. That's where I decided to stop seeking approval and attention. I decided to stop trying so hard to be unique and different from everyone else. I decided to change my mindset completely. From thinking so inwardly towards myself, I knew that if I wanted to change, I would have to think outwardly; towards other people, for other people. I wanted to change the world, and I will. But in a more realistic, accomplishable way."

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