Ruby (2/4)

(2/4) She was sitting by a tree working on what appeared to be homework. With her headphones in, staring at her work, it would be a tough approach. But as I said before, those are the most fun! And sometimes, the most rewarding.

She opened up immediately. Seemed like she wanted to talk! It was easy to work into the in depth conversation.

"I just got back from a yoga camp. I attended as an instructor to introduce and teach what yoga can do for a person." She's studying acupuncture and is an avid herbalist. Her passion revolved around helping others and finding unique ways to do it.

"Yoga supplies a person with the ability to help themselves, self medicate and and escape any anxiety and mental clutter. It's mental and physical cleansing." I was curious of why she got into yoga.

"It's not just an activity people can do once a week. It can be so much more than that. For me, it's a lifestyle. I use to be caught up in too many thoughts, too much negativity. I needed to force myself into a peaceful position, a place and activity that would force me to think of nothing, and instead, just exist."

The scene was very quiet. Even with many other things happening right by us, the area was dominated by her words.

"I had so much anxiety, depression, and an obsession of myself. I got into this different lifestyle to not only feel better, but to save me from myself."

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