(3/3) It's easy to remember, and extremely hard to forget. The person that gave their every effort and love to bring you out of a dark place will have a permanent place in your mind; whether or not they're still with you.

I was stunned to hear what she had just said. I could never predict the conversation taking this dark turn.

"I was reaching a new milestone with my depression when he got sick. My life completely changed, and then this happened. It was a huge setback, but I kept repeating his words of wisdom in my head to help myself get through it."

"As I said before, my dad told me that he was going to help me become happy even if it was the last thing he did. I knew that in order for him to go in peace he would need to see that change in my life. The timing was too ironic. He went to extreme lengths to change my life, and because of him, my life feels much more complete. I was finally able to accept where I was, and who I was."

Her eyes were glued to the ground, and her tone showed nothing but emotion.

"When he died I was completely saddened, but a huge part of me felt at peace."

"I think I felt that way because he was able to see that I was over my depression. I was at peace with myself, and finally happy. That's the one thing he had to see, his last mission; and he saw it."

Everyone's got one thing they want to change in the world. To be able to see that change come to life before the end is what life's all about!

She seemed to be ok with what happened. But I always end the conversation with something positive. So I asked her if she could tell me what her father was like, and how she'll remember him.

"He was a lot like me. Reserved, naturally anxious, introverted, but unique as well. He's always wanted to make a positive difference in the world. Through many ways he's been able to accomplish that. But the most memorable difference he made, in my mind, was the difference he made in my life."

"From complete nervousness, to total serenity; I have my father to forever love and thank for."

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