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(2/3) Not all are fortunate enough to grow up with a supportive fatherly figure. There are many roles that person has to play and accomplish in order to fulfill that morally expensive duty. A personal counselor, a creator of joy, a teacher and a best friend are only some of the many jobs a supportive father will take on.

And a person that can accomplish those tasks isn't just a father, but a hero as well.

Her words show how obvious it was that her father fits the descriptionabove.

"My dad did a lot in his life. Serving his country in the Air Force was just one of them, but while so many of his accomplishments were at work and around the world, his most proud were raising three daughters."

Her hands were fiddling with her sweater. "He did so much for me. The tense anxiety and depression I had felt like a never ending battle. But with my dad by my side, it felt like nothing."

"He served as my best friend. No matter what I was upset about, he was there. He kept telling me that I am going to okay. Just over and over again. He would help me with my school work when I needed help, he would let me cry on his shoulder, he gave me two words that would help me get through this, and anything else in life. Patience and acceptance."

"He also told me that if it was the last thing that he does, he would not let me fail this battle."

"The hardest part though...It was the last thing he did. But he did it."

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