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(1/3) Everyone can do it, and everyone has done it. It's incredibly easy to spin into a negative mindset, and being at a young age only makes it more difficult to get away from that feeling. Having someone to stand by you during that time isn't only a nice feeling. It's life saving.

She was keeping to herself. Her presence in the park was quiet. You wouldn't notice her there without looking. I've found through experience though, that the ones that keep to themselves, have the most to say.

She seemed reserved when I first approached her, but she opened right up.

"I was depressed all through high school. I'm an introvert, naturally anxious, and constantly critiquing myself. So it was easy feel down."

Her tone made it obvious it wasn't the brightest past. But she was talking about it. She was happily telling me all about it. Something helped her.

"I was stuck in this emotion for a long time. It was years. But I wasn't alone. I'm not in that place anymore, and I give endless love to the person that got me out of there."

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