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Arie, (4/4)

(4/4) A close encounter with death creates a range of feelings. But one of those feelings, is feeling more alive than ever.

Miracles happen everyday. Only one thing creates the energy for those miracles to exist. True love.

Arie exemplifies that connection through a tight bond with her sister, along with her dedication to what makes herself feel alive and connected.

"After one week she woke up. No one could tell us why or how. The only way to identify it was to call it a miracle. I kept up with my piano and ballet and visiting her before practice each day. But this time she could hear, see and feel me."

She was caught with a honest smile.

"We would talk and play music in the hospital room that used to be her deathbed. I remember the doctors telling us that she'll have trouble going about her daily life. But the funny thing is... She's doing amazing, you couldn't even tell. She's absolutely perfect."

"The most ironic part though? ... It must of been the near death experience, but she feels, looks, and is more alive than ever."

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