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Arie, (3/4)

(3/4) Arie's bond with her sister exemplifies the connection between siblings that goes beyond just another family member. They truly are best friends and her story tells about this deep connection. Best friends share everything from petty everyday drama, to life changing moments, the good ones and even the bad.

As Arie told her story, I was struck by the love between sisters she spoke of. A love that was solidified by the threat of death. Arie related a story of tragedy and resilience as she faced a situation most us try not to think about. Her devotion and love for her sister through this nightmare shines through in her unique and eccentric character.

I noticed parts of some cigarettes by her feet.

"My sister was pretty young. But my best friend of course. College is already not that easy, and this event almost tore my life apart. She was hit by a car one day. And that same day I was told she was going to die. In fact, it was so guaranteed, that she was on her deathbed. She had one week to live. It didn't seem real. But she was in a coma and all seemed impossible."

She continued to smoke and stare at the ground.

"At the time I was getting back into ballet, taking classes. Everyday, at lunch time, I would go see her. She could never hear or see me; but I hoped that somehow she would feel my presence."

A miracle is approaching.

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