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Arie, (2/4)

(2/4) Most of us posses a unique passion that connect us to the rest of the world, and help make sense of the life around us. Sometimes, the real world tries to bring that passion down. The ones that are happy are those that resist letting that happen.

"I kinda gave it up. Well, I still do it, but not as much." Whatever she used have a passion for, I could feel was still in her. "I've been a ballerina for most of my life; and piano too."

She was smiling the whole time. "What makes it your passion?" "Dancing is a very delicate art. It makes you feel much more in tune with yourself, while at the same time escaping the world around you." "How come you don't do it as much anymore?"

I was getting closer to some deeper thoughts.

"I had to get my head in the real world. I was never going to make a living doing those things. So I forgot about it for a while, now going to college, getting a real job."

"But not long into the real world, came some dark events, that made me want to escape once again."

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