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Willy, (3/4)

(3/4) -Life is full of regrets. Everyone has them. Some have more than others. It's how you live with the regrets that defines you.-

Coming back from a war can create an emotion and feeling most won't ever have to bear. It takes its toll though.

"I've had a lot tackle me at once. When my son was born, I was overwhelmed with happiness, but pieces of the war were still with me. A couple years later my mother passed from cancer. I fell with sadness, but I also felt relieved."

A second of silenced came in as he stared at the wall. "I was relieved she got to see her grandson. But all of this happening caught up to me. It wasn't long after that I got addicted to crack." I was going to guess that is his number one regret. So I asked.

"Is that your largest regret?" He looked down for second. "No. Missing 20 years of my son's life is."

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