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Willy, (2/4)

(2/4) -Almost everyone's afraid of being judged. However, there's a freeing feeling to be had when you can fully disclose yourself and have no regard for the judgement from other people-

I felt it took a while for me to get to the good stuff. That made it even more rewarding though when I finally got there.

"I'm retired. Did 41 years climbing power poles. It was rewarding, but some of the hardest work I've done." I could sense that he's done more than that though. So I kept asking questions.

"Before that I was drafted for the war. I served as a paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne. Coming back alive was great. I felt spared." "Was that the happiest day for you?" He smiled for a quick second. "Not even close actually. The day my son was born was the happiest day for me. It brought a feeling I've never felt before. It was absolutely beautiful."

Even surviving a war can't top the wonderful feeling of bringing someone else into this world. So far, his answer is the most popular response from others when asking them about the happiest day of their life. There's just something about it.

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