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Felicia, (4/4)

(4/4) -Some people may look and see a weakness. They may judge. But what's underneath is the exact opposite. So take some time, and see how beautiful she is. Here, I'll show you.

She's filled with morals and lessons that the common person may not have. Despite being engulfed in flames, she's actively making the world a better place.

"In rehab you learn a lot about yourself. Being surrounded by negative things I don't think I could ever see who I was. Rehab opened my eyes. I found I can have dreams, I can have friends, I can be a part of society, and I can make an impact. I never knew that before." She's been stripped of some of the most needed support to a fulfilling life. But that's what strength is all about; doing it yourself.

"Focus on what you have, not what you don't. I'll be the parents I never had." In fact, she's doing just that. "I have a son actually!" I got a real smile from her. "He's my motivation, and I'll be his endless support, and provider of the love I never had."

Everyone is capable of changing the world. She just proved it.

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