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Felicia, (3/4)

(3/4) -Not all grow up with the support they deserve. Some have to learn to do it themselves. There's no good example around you to grow from, you feel like you have nothing at all. Just don't give up on yourself. You'll get there.-

"My parents were drug dealers. I was pretty young when this was happening. I felt I should be like other people my age. Playing sports, discovering new friends, introducing a boyfriend to my parents. Instead, I sat on a couch watching as my parents dealt. Drugs were all around me. I knew things weren't normal." I felt as if a specific event triggered her feeling of being a part of an abnormal family. "At what time did you feel things weren't normal?"

She stared off into the distance. I counted the seconds of silence. Some of the darkest times were running through her mind once again. "When the police took my father to prison. The half of a home I had was up in flames. So was my mind. Eventually, I had to suppress that feeling. So I got addicted."

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