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Ariana and Jeff, (4/5)

(4/5) -It's an 'Ah, I'm finally home feeling'-

I asked what it felt like to see each other just before the wedding. Their response showed the feeling they have not just on that day, but everyday. And when I got to see their expression for seeing each other on the wedding, it created an understanding, of what it really looks like to feel complete.

Her: "In the midst of all the stress a wedding can have, seeing them is more calming than anything." The wedding can get stressful, but when I saw them see each other, you could watch what comfort it brought them to have them by their side for a brief moment. You could tell their surroundings went away, and all of their attention was just on the other person. "It brings you back to why you are here. It gives you a bright burst of happiness to look at them and know that this is what makes me complete." Him: "It's an 'Ah, I'm finally home' feeling."

Now, take the feelings they had on that day, and apply it everywhere else, for everyday. These are the feelings of love, sure. But what makes true love exist, is when they are felt everyday. After all...Both: "A successful marriage is where you fall in love, over and over again."

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