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Ariana and Jeff, (2/5)

(2/5) -Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, the definition of true love! As said perfectly by the world's most remarkable couple.-

"Discovering, developing, and keeping true love is the hardest work anyone will do. But it's hard work that comes easy. After all, you'll feel an overwhelming sense of will and motivation as you can actively see life's greatest gift grow right in front of you from your work. Before having something like true love, you are your own person. And when a relationship is developed, the two grow into one; creating a team. In order for this team to win, their goals and dreams need to be passionately pursued with patience, respect, and endless encouragement. As any team working towards a common goal, it takes practice. It takes failure and persistence to become the perfect team. And no matter how hard it gets, how many events try to bring down the team, and even if failure seems imminent, they will never give up. Because failure isn't a rough journey, it's no journey."

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