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Ariana and Jeff, (1/5)

(1/5) -With the recent lack of posts for this page, I have a pretty good excuse. I've been celebrating my sisters' wedding in Hawaii for the past 2 weeks!-

However, I still plan on making it up to you all by filling the gap. So here is a story of true love, a very unique and rare quality, that is brightly demonstrated by my sister and now, her husband!

Above I say that true love is very unique and rare. And I mean it. It may seem to be all around, like everyone has it. But true, unconditional love is very difficult to not only find, but to accomplish. After all, it takes work; lots of it. The greatest things in life are not easy to have. And that's why true love is very great. Only those who fight for it, see it, strive for it, and sacrifice for it, will find that earth shaking color that can change the world. . . . .

"I do!"

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