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Moms are Superheroes, (3/3)

(3/3) -She's raised 4 kind and loving kids. Can be pretty tough for a couple parents right? Well, did I tell you she's doing it all on her own? Just more evidence that women are some of the world's most common superheroes.-

Love doesn't always grow in the brightest of places. It can be in the darker and less easy areas that create indestructible relationships.

"We did have a big changer recently. Their father left and moved out." While things took a slight dramatic turn, their positivity hardly faded. It was still obvious. "It can hurt a lot and it doesn't make so much sense, but the people that experience hardships are the ones that end up with meaningful color."

Their color is showing! Give it up for all the women who've earned it, and also for the son on the left who's growing up with 4 girls in the house! That has to have its challenges! (-:

Happy ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬ !

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