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Moms are Superheroes (1/3)

(1/3) -In honor of ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬, here's a flashback to one of the most powerful, resilient, loving mothers I've met!-

History says it. The present says it. It's all around us. Women have proven time and time again their strength and love for making this world a better place. Here is to one of those women, who've changed the lives of the people that matter most. Family.

I saw a playful family sitting on a bench in the mall. They were all laughing and smiling. Their positivity was contagious. I had to say hello.

"Tell me something special about your family." "We're a huge family! Can't you tell?" The mother laughed and her children followed. They seemed to be one of the happiest families on the planet. "What does your family enjoy doing?" "We're goofy. We sing together, cook together, go on adventures." "What kind of adventures?" The girl in the pink jumped in. "Food adventures!" "Mainly chocolate." The mother added.

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