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April (6/6)

(5/5) -Kind words can change a person's life. My favorite part is when I get to tell them those kind words. I told her in person which hopefully gave her some faith in herself. But I also sent her an email a couple days later. Below is what I wrote to her, and what she wrote back.- April, You are probably one of my most favorite people to have talked to. Your story is filled with so many lessons and it resembles your strength and what you are overcoming. I get to talk with a lot of people, and every time I meet a person like you, I learn so much. I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am you shared your story with me. I will develop your story over the next couple of weeks and will send it your way. When people see your story, it may help them in their time of need if they are in a similar situation. The main purpose of this page is to showcase and broadcast people like you and their unique color. I want people like you to be able to get their voice and story out, as you deserve the absolute best. You are such a unique, colorful, caring person, and your story reflects that. You have such greatness which is rare to come by. Don't let anyone or any event tell you otherwise. From meeting people from all different backgrounds from all over, I can say you are truly strong and unique. Do what's best for you. As you told me, love yourself first. Don't let other people interfere with that. Did you make it to Colorado? I hope the bus ride wasn't too painful! Remember, everyday is a new start, and you have the strength and capability to be whatever you want.

Keaton, I just want to start off saying that I was happy to share my story with you. I think it's wonderful what you are doing. You don't see that every day. Our talk got me thinking about what I was doing. I ended up giving him another try and things have been a lot better. We're able to communicate better and give each other the space that is needed to be able to talk things out instead of being impulsive. I meant to get back to you sooner but I've been busy and don't get on my emails very often. How did you start getting into doing interviews, photography and writing? What inspired you? How long have you been doing this and are you going to continue to do it? Sorry I'm just interested in what you're doing. From, April -She asks what inspires me. I told her, people just like you.-

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