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April (3/5)

(3/5) The tattoo resembles a fish jumping out of the water. The water is a display for the fish's struggles at it is attempting to over come them. In a pretty clear way, the fish is her. "It all started with him. We were traveling at one point and he got on something. Soon enough, I joined him." Her tone showed regret. "I was in love, so I didn't want to disappoint. Things went down quickly from there." "How did you know he was on something?" "He would ignore me. His mind was always somewhere else. And so was the money. He even went to jail eventually."

I wanted to change the subject slightly. I noticed her tattoo. "Could you tell me what your tattoo means?" She smiled, looked at it and told me. I was blown away immediately. It was a perfect match for her story. The tattoo revolves around the toughest time of her life. A feeling and story most people don't have to experience.

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