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April (2/5)

(2/5) I had to talk with her. I had the feeling that this would be one of the most drenched stories yet. She sat down at the bus station, so I made my approach. I asked to get her picture and she said, "Sure, but I'm kinda a wreck right now." I snapped a couple pictures, got below her and asked, "Could you tell me what's going on?" Her voice had a neutral tone. "This is the 3rd time for me being left at a bus station." "Who left you here." "My boyfriend, well ex I guess. We had an argument again, and it ended up like this, again. It's always a boxing match" "What started it?" "What started today was an argument that any couple would have. But the sadness goes way back. We were very happy one time. We both had jobs, a house, payed the bills and went on romantic dates. But there is an evil out there that many people are susceptible to, and it destroyed our lives." "What evil is that?" She paused. "Drugs."

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