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Cynthia, (3/3)

(3/3) -Most of life's gifts aren't seen, they're felt.- She was stabbed in the back, sure. But it doesn't mean she couldn't stand up straight. "But life's too short to live in the negativity." She added. "I had my kids and that made me happy." "Do you feel like you've recovered?" "I'll never get over it, but I can accept it. And I have." "What did it take for that to happen?" "I met someone. It was difficult at first to open up, but with time I saw his character and eventually, that built trust. Sometimes it just takes a leap of faith to trust someone. It's much easier to feel trust, than the tiring feeling of paranoia. And it feels great to feel like you can trust someone to the fullest extent. It feels great to finally feel love, unconditionally."

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