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Cynthia, (2/3)

(2/3) Most people won't experience such hardships and threats to their ability to live a fulfilled life. But the ones that do, and the ones who are strong enough to pull through, have absolute greatness. Her voice was seemed dry, but was thick with emotion. The scene was quiet and she was sitting by herself. As I sat next to her she exposed her greatest struggles, but just stared out into the distance. It felt as if she was looking at what she had accomplished, and also what she had to go through. "So I made it through high school, and went to college. Everything felt like it was going well. In fact, I even got married. After college I had another boy. We were a full family. And a happy one. But that all changed." It was silent for a good 15 seconds. "After 11 years of marriage, it all ended. We got divorced and it was traumatizing." Divorces are never pretty, but traumatizing? There had to be something else there. "What made it so hurtful?" "After 11 years of marriage, he was having affairs. We were a complete family, taken away by pure immorality. I fell into a deep depression, and walked away with nothing. I lost trust. But not just with him, with almost everyone. It was hard to open up to anyone with the fear they could damage you." "What was going on with the kids at this time?" "They were with me. That made everything felt better. But every now and then he would come and visit them. A feeling of hate and disgust would fill my head whenever I saw him. It was pure torture, and the mental battles felt like physical pain." In spite of the pain she related, I could tell the hardest thing she faced was not physical, but trust. Loosing trust in everyone is such an empty feeling. Many would give up. But she didn't, and would soon be rewarded.

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